Integrated Payroll

Modern payroll integrations to make running your business easier.

Employee Navigator integrates with the leading payroll companies to deliver the all-in-one solution your clients need

Always in sync
Ensure Employee Navigator and your preferred payroll system is always in sync.
Offer more benefits
Easily offer a comprehensive set of benefits to employees without manually managing payroll deductions.
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Support when you need it
Leverage our Payroll Team to ensure a smooth implementation and put your payroll & benefits on autopilot.
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Put your payroll and benefits department on autopilot

Eliminate the hassle of dual entry

Client data seamlessly stays in sync with your payroll system

Improved data accuracy

Rest easy knowing your data is clean, accurate, and always in sync

Low cost & quick turnaround

We deliver high quality payroll integrations without breaking the bank

Attract & retain top talent

Easily offer a great benefits package without adding to your workload

Leading brokers rely on modern payroll integrations to help grow their business

Maintain control of you book of business by owning your storefront

Say goodbye to the days of manually tracking payroll deductions

Increase client retention by delivering the all-in-one solution your clients need

Wow prospective customers with industry leading technology & integration

The nation’s leading payroll companies work with Employee Navigator

Companies using payroll integrations
Employees using payroll integrations
Hours saved not manually re-keying data

So much more than Integrated Payroll

We’re building the all-in-one solution for brokers and their customers